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FERPA stands for the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. We need to have this document on file to speak to you about your student's grades, account, or anything.

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Make sure you file your 2018-2019 FAFSA for federal student aid as soon as possible. Once filed, tell your student to routinely check their tsu email for updates.

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The only way your student can register for classes is if we have TSI Scores. The sooner these scores are submitted, the sooner they can register for the classes they want. 

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Has your student submitted the meningitis vaccination? If not, there is a hold on their account that keep them from registering or seeing important information on their account..


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Through policing and educational initiatives we are committed to keeping your student safe while they are here.This link will also take you to parking information.

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Texas Southern University has resources for the physical and mental wellness of our students. With a Counseling and Health Center, students have access to holistic wellness.


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Housing fills up quickly. Make sure your student stays on top of dates, knows the housing process, and reaches out to get their questions answered from the right resources.

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The Office of Accessibility Services wants to help your student be successful. Help us by starting the process early. Contact us with questions as soon as you have them. 


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